In Touch with Today's Manufacturing

Today's clients demand ever-higher levels of quality, with ever-shorter time to delivery. Design changes need to be
handled swiftly at any phase of the process – even during machining. And margins get tighter as competition gets tougher.
To maintain profitability, every minute of design, engineering, operation, and machining time is crucial.
Time wasted in unnecessary setups, repetitive procedures, and time-consuming data conversions impacts the bottom line.
To answer these challenges, Cimatron created CimatronE – the first fully integrated, end-to-end solution for toolmakers.
From quoting to delivery, and everything in between – including design, moldmaking, electrode design and manufacturing,
drawing, and NC – CimatronE offers faster time to market and uncompromising quality, while lowering overhead.
With the advent of new multi-axis NC machines, high cost of steel and ever-increasing requirements to surface quality,
NC programming faces new challenges. From shop-floor programming of 2.5-axis plate machining and high quality 3-axis
milling, to the most demanding continuous 5-axis machining for aerospace uses, CimatronE NC is up to the task.
Fully capable of the ultimate polish-less surface quality, in both 3- and 5-axis machining, CimatronE NC gives you the
speed, reliability and quality you need when cutting steel. From miniature parts and sub-micron precision to large deep
cavity blocks, from simple drilling to complex 5-axis milling, from novice first-time users to seasoned NC experts
– CimatronE NC is the one software needed to complete any NC job.


Dedicated to Toolmaking and Manufacturing

For over 20 years, Cimatron has been creating software tools that make manufacturing, toolmaking and NC Programming easier,
more productive, and more profitable. Along the way, we've gained an intimate knowledge of toolmaking and NC machining,
and maintained close touch with toolmakers worldwide. We've listened to designers, engineers, operators, mold makers,
die makers, NC programmers, and top-tier educational institutions –
often inviting them to join us in shaping the future of computerized manufacturing.
Today, with more than 20,000 installations worldwide and customers in the automotive, aviation, electronics, medical and other
key industries worldwide. We have a staff made up of industry veterans – shop floor experts with hands-on experience.
Always Around the Corner, Always Available. With subsidiaries and representatives in over 35 countries on five continents,
you're never very far from Cimatron. Our dedicated sales representatives pride themselves on providing world-class
service thinking out of the box to customize our solutions to best fit your needs. After the sale, Cimatron is even more readily available. We understand that for mission critical systems, outstanding customer support is crucial. That's why our dedicated support engineers
at local customer service centers worldwide, who are experienced tooling professionals like you,
are standing by to help you when you need them.