Overcoming Injection Molding Design Challenges with Powerful
CAD/CAM Software and Direct Metal Printing.

  • Mold design times can be reduced by as much as 75% and man hours by almost 50%, through the integration of 3D Systems Cimatron™ CAD/CAM software, the ProX® DMP series of direct metal 3D printers and Geomagic® Control™ inspection software.
  • In the first benchmark test of a 3D printed conformal core versus a conventionally manufactured spiral baffle core, Bastech was able to maintain a consistently lower temperature throughout the run, reduce cycle times by 22% and cut costs by 18%.
  • In the second benchmark test, Bastech designed a cavity, core and slide of a mold for 3D printing to test the effects of cooling and cycle times, which yielded a 16% reduction in costs and a 14% decrease in the all-important cycle time.